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Friday, 9 March 2012

Exclusive Interview With Delvin Rodriguez: "Hopefully I Get A Title Shot This Year"

Written by Ryan Kinzett When will we see you back in action and what are your plans for 2012?

Delvin Rodriguez: I’m ready for anything I’m offered. I’m just waiting for my promoter to put a fight together. I’m working towards a title fight for the end of 2012. There have been some big fights at light middleweight recently. Do you know if you will be getting a similar opportunity to show how good you are soon?

Delvin Rodriguez: Yes, it’s what I’m looking for. A good fight with an opponent with a name and who’s high up in the ratings. Which of the champions at the weight would you rather fight if given the choice?

Delvin Rodriguez: The winner of Cotto vs Mayweather would be great! Making big match ups in boxing between different promotion companies can be difficult. You and undefeated prospect Demetrius Andrade are with the same promoter. Has there been any talk of a bout between you and Andrade?

Delvin Rodriguez: Not really. Like I said I want to fight someone who is higher than me in the rankings so I can become number one ranked and get a world title shot. The light middleweight division is packed full of great fighters. Do you think it would benefit from a Super Six type of tournament?

Delvin Rodriguez: Nowadays it’s all about the money so I think it would be good. You've fought on ESPN 2 on numerous occasions. Do you know if you will be fighting on one of the bigger networks in the future?

Delvin Rodriguez: I’m trying to stay on HBO. Me and my team feel that going back to Espn is taking a step backwards even though I’m very grateful for the opportunity Espn has given me. Sports Illustrated named your first fight with Pawel Wolak “Fight of the year” for 2011. Does it feel good to know the media and fans appreciate what you do in the ring?

Delvin Rodriguez: It’s the best feeling to have fans. Without them the sport of boxing would be nothing. I appreciate the support from all my fans so much. Were you surprised Pawel Wolak retired after your second bout considering he was always a competitive boxer?

Delvin Rodriguez: Not really because he had two really hard fights with me that would take out of any fighter. I’m sure he will make a comeback. How old were you when you decided you wanted to become a boxer?

Delvin Rodriguez: I started boxing at the age of 10. Was it tough relocating to the USA from the Dominican Republic? Did you settle in fast?

Delvin Rodriguez: It was very hard coming to a whole different world, not knowing the language and not knowing the style of life. How would you describe your style to someone who might not be familiar with you?

Delvin Rodriguez: I consider myself a boxer puncher who can  adjust to any fighter in front of me. At 6ft tall, you're a very tall fighter for light middleweight. Do you try to use your height advantage as much as possible in fights?

Delvin Rodriguez: It all depends on who I’m fighting. In my last fight against Pawel Wolak, I stayed low and it worked out very good for me. Which fight was your best performance so far?

Delvin Rodriguez: I believe I surprised the boxing World in my first fight with Pawel Wolak. You fought Isaac Hlatshwayo twice. The first fight ended in a draw and the second, for the vacant IBF welterweight title, ended in a split decision loss for you. How disheartening was that loss for you and how does a boxer pick himself up from such a loss?

Delvin Rodriguez: It was hard losing a split decision in my hometown especially in a championship fight but I was a different fighter back then. I feel stronger than ever now and very confident with my new team behind me. You've been on the wrong end of some bad decisions. Has that ever affected you mentally or affected your love of the sport?

Delvin Rodriguez: It did when it happened but like I say I’m a different fighter now. I’m going forward now and I have left the negative things behind. We see a lot of bad decisions nowadays. Fans are fed up and I’m sure boxers are too. Do you think a change in how bouts are scored might help or perhaps just better judging?

Delvin Rodriguez: Better judging for sure. But how do you get that? There is too much politics in boxing, just like in any other business. In recent times, which would you say was the worst robbery you’ve seen?

Delvin Rodriguez: When I got robbed in Poland against Jackiewicz and against Ashley Theophane. Would you like to fight in Europe again?

Delvin Rodriguez: No. It’s obvious that when you fight in Europe you have to knock your opponent out just to get a draw. Do you plan on staying at 154lbs or do you think you might move back down to 147lbs or even up to 160lbs if the right offer came along?

Delvin Rodriguez: I should have been at 154lbs a long time ago. It was too hard for me to make 147lbs.  It was the main reason why I had bad performances. But at 154lbs I feel very strong and can put my good boxing abilities to use. Would you like to say anything to say to your fans?

Delvin Rodriguez: I love my fans. They have given me so much support even when I was on a losing streak. I love them and I need their support. I won’t let them down this year. Thank you! Thank you for talking to us Delvin.