Sunday, 15 September 2013

Mayweather vs Alvarez; Garcia vs Matthysse: What i learnt from last night

Things i learnt from last night:

1 - Floyd Mayweather is obviously the best fighter of his generation: Yep, his record is open to criticism for sure (have you ever spoken to me before?!), but his skill alone makes him the obvious best talent.

2 - The dangers of taking paper titles and money: Alvarez will bounce back from this (he's only 23), but he was handed a paper title too young, he made paper title defences, and he took the huge payday. Back in the day, Alvarez would not have been a significant fighter; does he compare to Hearns, Norris, McCallum, Benitez, Trinidad, De La Hoya, Hope, Ayule, Boudouani, Wright, Mugabi, Vargas, Mosley....? No.

3 - Danny Garcia has more than 1% chance of victory: Yep, i said this (oops!). I seriously didn't expect Garcia to have any chance of victory. Matthysse is a genuine p4p star and huge puncher, yet Garcia took his shots well, threw the better overall shots, threw much better combos, and even did a number on Matthysse's eye.

4 - Lucas Matthysse is not a "bum": Just because he got beaten by the better fighter on the night, this doesn't mean he's now finished. It was an uber-close fight, which could have gone either way, where he suffered a seriously swollen eye. Matthysse has already lost two fights like this before. Garcia beat a prime and in condition Matthysse.

5 - There is no such thing as a dead-cert: Matthysse was odds-on favourite to win. Although i actually had him winning the fight 115-112, the reversal of scorecards is easily done. Before i'm taken in front of the thought-police was expressing my views, let me explain: I gave Matthysse rounds 1, 2, 5, 6, 7, 10, 12. I gave Matthysse a 10-8 score for round 12, but didn't give Garcia a 10-8 score for round 11 as he hit Matthysse whilst his head was stuck in the ropes which is illegal. A judge would probably give Garcia a 10-8 round, which changes my score to 115-113. Give Garcia the very close first two rounds (which i gave to Matthysse), and my score becomes 115-113 to Garcia. It was a close fight and certainly not a Garcia landslide victory. It also reiterated the obvious: there's no such thing as a dead-cert!

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